Air Liquide to build advanced gas plant in Wuhan


2022-03-31 11:39

A few days ago, Air Liquide announced that it will invest about 70 million euros to build an advanced gas plant in Wuhan to supply gas to a major memory chip manufacturer. Air Liquide has been supplying ultra-pure industrial gases to this leading Chinese high-tech company for over 12 years.

According to reports, this ultra-high-purity industrial gas plant is built, owned and operated by Air Liquide Group, and is designed with the group's more advanced technology. The products include oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other ultra-high-purity gases, of which nitrogen has a production capacity of 52,000 Nm³/h (standard/hour), it is expected to be put into operation in 2022.

Through a new long-term supply agreement with the major memory chip maker, Air Liquide will support the development of the semiconductor industry in the Wuhan region. In recent years, Wuhan has been actively promoting the construction of a high-tech center, especially the NAND flash memory chip industry.

Source: Air Liquide