Air Products' Hydrogen Energy Technology Solution Helps 2022 Green Winter Olympics


2022-03-31 11:40

On July 8, Air Products, the world's leading supplier of hydrogen and hydrogen energy solutions, announced that its first hydrogen refueling station project for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has completed equipment installation and commissioning in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. And try to raise successfully. This is the first 70 MPa hydrogen refueling project to serve the Winter Olympics and is built, owned and operated by Air Products.

Air Products said that the company is also participating in the construction of other hydrogen refueling stations and providing hydrogen energy guarantees to help the green Winter Olympics and the sustainable development of China.

According to reports, the hydrogen refueling project is located in the hydrogen refueling station in the Prince City service area of the Chongli competition area, the core area of the Winter Olympics skiing competition. It adopts the advanced hydrogen refueling technology and equipment of Air Products. The unit formed a joint project department to complete the project as scheduled, with a daily hydrogen refueling capacity of 200 kilograms and a refueling pressure of 70 MPa. The project can rapidly refuel new fuel cell vehicles including the Toyota Costa Hydrogen Engine and the new MIRAI.

As one of the host sites for the 2022 Winter Olympics and the country's first national-level renewable energy demonstration zone, Zhangjiakou is actively creating a world-class hydrogen energy application demonstration city and practicing the concept of "Green Olympics". The hydrogen refueling station in the Prince City service area, which Air Products participated in, is the first Winter Olympics guaranteed hydrogen refueling station with a refueling capacity of 70 MPa in the Zhangjiakou competition area. The green competition also provides advanced experience for promoting the commercial operation of 70 MPa hydrogen energy in China.

Source: Air Products