Chemical power in heavy rain


2022-03-31 11:42

In the past few days, heavy rains have generally rained in most parts of Henan Province, and some extremely heavy rains have occurred. Especially from July 19th to 21st, the heavy rainfall in Henan Province reached its recent peak. In the face of disasters, Henan petroleum and chemical enterprises have complied with their responsibilities, strictly guarded against them, and made every effort to ensure safety during the flood season; at the same time, they have actively fulfilled their social responsibilities and participated in emergency rescue and disaster relief.

"Such a large amount of rainfall not only has a huge impact on the urban society and people's lives, but also a test for the petrochemical enterprises in the whole province. The current situation shows that the key petrochemical enterprises in Henan have not been greatly affected, and their daily production and operation It has stabilized. However, the staged stagnation of transportation will have a certain impact on some chemical products." Su Dong, executive vice president of Henan Petrochemical Association, said.

"We set up a flood control headquarters before the arrival of the flood season, implemented a flood control team, and ensured the company's safety during the flood season. At present, the company's production and operation are all normal." Zhang Qingjin, general manager of Henan Xinlianxin Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., said that affected by the rainstorm , On July 20, there was water accumulation in some parts of the factory. At the same time, affected by the inversion of rainwater in Mengjiangnu River and surrounding villages, the flood situation has accelerated. To this end, Heart to Heart immediately launched a flood control plan. On the one hand, it organized personnel to actively inspect, dredged the drainage system, strengthened the protection of finished products, and reduced disaster losses; Safety production accidents; the purchasing department keeps in touch with the flood control material dealers at all times, replenishes the flood control materials in time, and guarantees in place.

Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. draws on the experience and lessons of the rainy season over the years, scientifically and reasonably compiled the rainy season "three defenses" work plan and emergency plan, and established 9 flood control and flood control "commando teams" with a total of 125 people. Thousands of flood control materials. Since July 17, the company has organized a multi-batch, multi-professional and multi-system safety inspection force to inspect the storage tanks of hazardous chemicals such as calcium carbide, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid in the factory area to ensure that they are preventable and controllable. . "At present, the company's production and operation, supply and marketing procurement and power security have not been affected, and the production and operation are generally stable." He Jinwei, the manager of Kaixiang Fine Chemicals, introduced.

Liming Chemical Research and Design Institute has fully implemented the responsibility for prevention in response to the occurrence of heavy rainfall. During the flood season, we purchased 3,000 woven bags, 80 shovels, 2 submersible pumps, and 6 luminaires, and arranged personnel on duty to promptly check for hidden safety hazards and drainage conditions in low-lying areas, and dredged the drainage ditches to ensure smooth drainage. It is understood that the Liming Institute has not been directly and significantly affected by the flood, and all scientific research and production facilities are operating normally.

"Due to some high-speed closures during the flood season, the transportation of bulk raw materials encountered great difficulties. We coordinated with calcium carbide manufacturers to increase vehicles to ensure supply. The company is currently operating normally." The relevant person in charge of Haohua Yuhang Chemical Co., Ltd. said that the rainstorm is coming. Previously, the company prepared in advance, used conferences and WeChat groups to continuously broadcast rainstorm information, set up an emergency rescue team of 30 people, stocked emergency flood control materials, and required leaders at all levels to lead the shift 24 hours a day and be on duty in emergency situations. At the same time, strengthen the prevention of calcium carbide warehouses, and take measures to block the calcium carbide mud doors to prevent rainwater from entering the calcium carbide warehouse. Strengthen the inspection before the calcium carbide enters the warehouse, and strictly avoid damp calcium carbide from entering the warehouse. In terms of product sales, the inventory of caustic soda and liquid chlorine was emptied in advance, and zero inventory sales were maintained.

Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Company focused on the defense of key parts, enriched rescue teams and materials, adjusted and enriched flood control personnel at all levels in a timely manner, formed an overall flood control force, and made every effort to build a flood control "safety net" to ensure the safety, environmental protection, smooth operation and safety of production facilities. The safety of life and property of workers and the masses. "At present, the production of the plant is running smoothly." According to the relevant person in charge of the company, due to the influence of rainfall, some crude oil from Rizhao Port stopped loading, and the daily crude oil processing volume of the plant decreased slightly, but the pipeline crude oil entered the plant normally, and the inside of the plant The crude oil inventory can meet the processing and production of the unit. At the same time, in the case of extreme rainstorms and serious obstruction of road transportation, the company actively kept in touch with the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, kept abreast of the progress of railway restoration, and organized crude oil into the plant and refined oil out of the factory as soon as possible after the railway was restored. The road after production is smooth.

While doing a good job in internal flood control and ensuring the safety of production, Henan chemical enterprises actively fulfill their social responsibilities. On July 17, Xinlianxin Company claimed the 1.291-kilometer flood control section of the Xinxiang County Communism Canal Embankment and the task of presetting a team of 300 people, fully cooperating with the government to do a good job of flood control. "If necessary, the company's emergency team will rush to the levee for support as soon as possible. As of the press date, the company's emergency personnel will stick to the levee 24 hours a day, perform the task of patrolling the levee, and pre-set 150 people on standby according to the government's requirements." Zhang Qingjin said.

After Zhengzhou, Henan suffered a rare heavy rainstorm, Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch immediately launched an emergency response plan, and departments such as safety, management, retail, direct approval, and non-oil participated in the battle. The four-level linkage of provincial, city, county, station and library will coordinate environmental protection and safety, and fully participate in the local flood-fighting and emergency oil guarantee work. On July 22, Sinopec decided to entrust Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch to donate 50 million yuan to the Henan Charity Federation for flood control and disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Zhengzhou.

"This torrential rain has caused a staged stagnation of transportation, which will have a certain impact on the logistics and transportation of chemical enterprises, especially the transportation of chemical products raw materials and product output by road, railway, and water transportation. Losses are reduced to a lower level." Su Dong said that logistics and transportation are an important part of product transactions, and due to the impact of heavy rain, trucks are prohibited from driving on highways in Henan Province, and all vehicles are prohibited from driving on some sections of the road. In addition, the demand rhythm of the product has also been affected to a certain extent due to the hindered transportation. However, the short-term logistics of methanol, dimethyl ether, acetic acid, synthetic ammonia and coal tar processed products have limited impact on production and sales.

Source: China Chemical Industry News