What should I do if the liquid nitrogen leaks?


2022-03-31 11:43

When understanding the solution when liquid nitrogen is leaked, let us first understand some symptoms of inhaled nitrogen: when the concentration of inhaled nitrogen is not too high, the patient first feels chest tightness, shortness of breath, weakness, and then irritability, running around , shouting, trance, unsteady gait, called "nitrogen tincture", can enter a state of drowsiness or coma. Inhalation of high concentrations can cause rapid coma and death due to respiratory and cardiac arrest. Let's take a quick look at how to deal with it.

1. Quickly evacuate personnel from the leaked contaminated area to the upper wind, and set up an isolation area to strictly restrict access.

2. Notify the fire department and relevant units.

3. Emergency personnel should wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus, cold-proof clothing and cold-proof gloves.

4. Avoid leaking liquids into the basement or other airtight manned working spaces. If it is unavoidable, the relevant departments should be notified immediately.

5. Do not directly touch the spill.

6. Cut off the source of leakage as much as possible.

7. Mist water spray can be used to accelerate the evaporation of the liquid, but the water gun cannot be shot to the liquid.

8. Prevent the gas from accumulating in the low recesses, and use the exhaust fan to send the leaked gas to the open space.